Whether you need it for an audition, your website, BackStage or even a reel...


Regular - Tuesday evenings, 6:30pm - 4 classes, once per week for 4 weeks
Express - Tuesday and Friday, 11am - 4 classes, twice per week for 2 weeks

The call for virtual auditions and self-taping has skyrocketed since the onset of the pandemic. Casting directors, agents and producers are bombarded as more and more actors are sending in videos - hundreds of self-tapes crossing their desks every day. 

How in the world will you stand out among ALL your competition, look experienced, professional and put your best foot forward….. through the screen?


We absolutely can help!  The Studio has put together a fun, fast-paced, Zoom workshop with a powerful combination of personalized actor coaching along with successful and effective techniques that will catapult your tape to the front lines.

Your self-tape - whether for an audition, your website or reel, will look more polished, deeply-crafted and professional, setting you apart from the other submissions. 

  • Work within the class, individually with a professional acting coach, perfecting your monologue and presentation.
  • Learn how to enhance your performance with the right backdrop, colors wardrobe, lighting and filming techniques.
  • Watch and learn from fellow actors to see what works and what doesn’t to help improve your presentation.
  • Classes are small and everyone will work every class.
Actors are to prepare a monologue and come to the first day of class with a self-tape ready for review. If you have an audition coming up, you may use the monologue or side that you are currently working on for that or you may choose that if you prefer.