The clown is a beautiful and poetic creature that comes from deep within our imagination and out into the light to share something super funny and super special with the audience; it is either a triumph of epic proportions or a horrible disaster, and both provide us with a wonderful theatrical experience. 

The clown provokes the performer into the uncharted waters of the deepest sweetest springs of the soul and uncovers a surprising and astonishing human.   


We are in search of your clown - the pursuit of something ridiculous and poetical deep within you. This course will investigate each individual’s unique relationship to the comic world and what makes that individual uniquely funny. 

At the heart of the clown is the game.  Through exercises and games, the actor will develop their own sense of play.  Students will examine the relationship between themselves and the audience, and between themselves and the other actors on the stage - as we begin to identify the “comedic problem” as it arises for each individual.


The clown is willing to be seen as an idiot in front of an audience and this is what makes the clown the most beautiful and generous of creatures.


There are four - 4-week sessions encompassing Clown. 8 weeks are covered during year one of the Core Program with the final 8 weeks offered during 2nd year.

You can take this class independently of the Core Program by signing up for the 4-week sessions individually.