MEISNER ACTING - Technique 2

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Meisner Technique 1
- 1st year

The focus of the second year work is character.
You will learn practical applications on point of view, how to craft an impediment, how to particularize a specific moment, and how to advance your understanding of relationships.  We will work on text and learn how it can affect the crafting you apply to a role.  All this will be accomplished through a series of exercises that will continue to build on the first year in the same way - layer upon layer.

Finally, you will learn how to put it all together and use the technique to create a role and repeat the performance in an open and organic way as if it were always the first time.


This program runs a full 32 weeks (two 16-week sessions). It is very rigorous and demanding of your time, committment and our standard of excellence.


This class requires rehearsal outside class time.


Acceptance into the individual Acting class or the
M2 Core Program requires an interview with the Studio Director

as well as completion of 1st year Meisner.


Some acting teachers do not teach the full Meisner canon.  This is a must as the first year work solidifies the foundation with which the second year work is fully understood and successfully practiced. 


Please Email: or call 212-581-0188

-- Meisner Acting Technique 2 is part of the Core Program --
This class can also be taken individually.