The Studio offers instruction in acting as well as a variety of workshops in Movement, On Camera, Voice, Combat among other industry seminars – further complementing a strong foundational training program.

MEISNER Acting 1 (1st year) Interview Required

Discover your voice and find the actor inside ….The 1st year’s work is critical for the successful development of a solid and effective acting foundation; using a layering approach of exercises and improvisation that sheds defenses and reveals a more receptive and open actor ready to craft a truthful and vital character.....more info.

MEISNER Acting 2 (2nd year) Invitation Only


The fun begins!  The foundation is set and the actor is ready to delve into exploring the many facets of character work, by applying the 1st year’s methods through layering on the different aspects of crafting a role......more info.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of Meisner's 1st year

MEISNER Acting 3 (Master Class)

Exclusive study of 3rd level Meisner  -  a specialized program expressly focused on applying the work to classical text, and only offered to actors who have taken the full 2 years of Meisner training.......more info.


MOVEMENT - Williamson


A movement class unlike any other physical training for the actor that you will experience. Although based around Meisner this movement training will enhance and compliment any acting method.....more info.

Saturday MEISNER Work-Out

This Saturday class is for all Meisner actors, whether a beginner or already in the professional arena. It is a time to come and practice, exercise, and refresh your craft under the guidance of a Master Teacher..... more info.


Module 1 introduces actors to the fundamentals of theatrical hand-to-hand combat and basic weaponry, along with a general understanding of safety, rhythm, stance, and movement. Take it alone or as the first of several levels earning the title "Actor Combatant"..... more info.