The Studio offers some of the best conservatory-style, professional training in NYC - more affordable, smaller classes and with opportunities to practice and create while you train. Classes can be taken individually or through guided concentrated training.



The Studio offers first and second year professional training through a CORE Program focusing on the full arc of the Meisner Acting Technique, along with physical movement for the actor with a concentration in the Williamson Movement method. John Meisner Student

CORE PROGRAMS - 1st Year (more info)


CORE PROGRAMS - 2nd Year (more info)

Periodic supplementary classes or workshops in other methodoologies are offered at discount rates to CORE students. These additional classes may include On-camera auditioning, Clown, Stage Combat, Chekhov, Playwriting for the Actor and Career Intelligence seminars.



Part Time Training is available to provide students with the ability to custom-build their own program depending upon areas of interest and time constraints. Choosing from Acting classes and workshops in Movement, Scene Study, Monologues,
On Camera, among periodic industry seminars offer a variety ofchoices and interests.


Depending upon individual class requirements, an interview, audition or prerequisite class may be required for some course offerings.