• Acting
  • Voice / Speech
  • Monologues
  • Scene Work
  • On Camera
  • Coaching
  • Auditions
  • Movement Training
  • Readings
  • Showcases
  • Workshops
  • Seminars
  • Film / Photo Shoots
  • Full Theatrical Productions


Size: 20' x 15'   Rate:  $35 per hour

Furnished studio.  Seating for up to 15.  Actor prep area. Access to Studio props and furniture. Track lighting.  Second door in playing space for entrances/exits.

Excellent for classroom, rehearsals, scene study, auditions, coaching.




Size: 29' x 23'    

Our NuBox Theatre is a flexible performance, rehearsal and teaching space.

As a teaching studio it comes complete with furniture, props, track lighting and back stage entrances and exits for acting and scene study classes.  This space is also ideal for a variety of workshops and seminars, as well as rehearsals, monologue work, film shoots.


As a theatre the NuBox is equipped with a full professional lighting, sound system and back stage area. Tiered seating can accommodate 40+ audience members. The stage area measures approx. 22 1/2 ft x 16 ft.  Itís perfect for readings, showcases and intimate yet full productions.  Studio furniture and props are available for use to help with the cost of various staging requirements.