On Camera Class - Master Your Tv/Film Audition

-- Cost: $550, Thursdays, May 4 to June 22 , 11am - 2pm

8 week On-Camera class with professional audition coach Amy Van Horne
Amy Van Horne is a veteran actress and professional audition coach with over 15 years experience teaching and coaching actors in TV/Film.  She has worked with top casting directors in L.A. and New York, in an effort to develop a specific technique to help actors create memorable, winning auditions.

• Study an effective 6 step technique to prepare any audition material
• Learn how to make vivid, compelling choices
• Learn basic camera blocking for taped auditions

• Discover how to "Win the Room"


In the first class, you will learn a specific 6 step on-camera audition technique based in the tenants of Meisner's work. You will practice how to properly break down, craft and rehearse an audition using this technique. Each week a new audition scene from a contemporary TV/Film project will be sent and you will have 3-4 days to break down the copy and rehearse the material.  In class, the audition will be taped, adjustments given and then taped again. Everyone will work twice and all auditions will be viewed by the class.


Call 212.581.0188 or email info@desotellestudio.com if you have any questions or need further information.