6-Weeks, TUESDAY EVENINGS      6 to 10pm       $250

   Next Session begins July 24.


Actors should ALWAYS be training - ALWAYS building upon the fundamentals of their craft and the dramatic purpose of the character they are portraying.


How should a character fit  in a scene? Where did they come from before entering?

How does a character interact with the other characters? What are the objectives, the impulses and the nuances of the relationships?

Scene study provides the most effective opportunity to continue to practice, train and advance an actor’s craft to - to more richly and clearly imagine the life and complextion of the character and the story that is being told.

Deepening layers of technique are uncovered to strengthen the actor’s existing skill set through script analysis, character development, behavior, objectives, actions and relationships.



This class meets once a week on Tuesday evenings  for six weeks and outside rehearsal is expected. You will be directed through at least one full scene.


An interview will be required for all new students.