A 6-week concentrated version of the Studio's professional actor training program combining both Acting and Movement classes. 


The actor training is based in the Sanford Meisner technique; a technique valued for its integrity and truthfulness and based on the principle of the Reality of Doing and in the belief that great acting should reveal the humanity in every character and the authenticity in every actor.
This is a rigorous class that takes you through several layers of acting exercises and text work. At the end of the 6 weeks you will have a clear understanding of the passion and principles behind Sanford Meisner’s method and that the foundation of acting is (truly) the "reality of doing.



The movement training is unlike any other physical training for the actor due to its focus on how the body processes experiences through the five senses.  This overview of the Williamson technique, created by Loyd Williamson to work in concert with Meisner-based actor training, is essential to developing the inner life of the actor, imagination, emotional connection and truthful behavior



This is a tremendous opportunity to experience a sampling of the full Meisner-based training, and experience what a professional acting program can offer as well as our Studio’s training and mission. 


The Intensive is 5-5 1/2  hours each class and requires some outside rehearsal practice.


COST: $695


Applications for the summer intensive are being accepted until classes are full.

No application fee.

For more information please contact or

call the studio: 212-581-0188