Our Studio Intensive offers both Acting and Movement classes within the Intensive study.


The Intensive is offered to introduce actors to the highly-respected and effective Meisner-based methods of training employed by the Studio. 



The acting program is rigorous taking you through several layers of acting exercises - learning how to fully listen and be active in the process. You will observe, you will work and you will be challenged. At the end of the Intensive you will have a clearer understanding of the passion and principles behind Sanford Meisner’s method and that the foundation of true acting is "the reality of doing; you will be freer, more open, and on your way to being an original artist and a more skilled and authentic actor.

The Acting class is 3 to 3 1/2  hours each class and requires some outside rehearsal practice.




The movement portion of the intensive encompasses the Williamson technique, a method of creative, physical movement designed to work specifically with Meisner’s approach. It is unlike any other physical training due to its focus on how the body processes experiences through the five senses and will strengthen your ability to be a more open and available actor.



The Studio Intensive not only offers the opportunity to experience a sampling of Meisner-based training within a professional acting program, it also provides insight into our Studio’s training methods and philosophies, and delivers strong groundwork for those students who choose to continue into the full first year program.


Movement is 2 hours each day.