-- Voice and Speech for the Actor is included in the Full Core Program --
This class can also be taken individually

“But the voice of a great actor is not merely a machine for speaking words audibly: it is a rare instrument that, by the precise use of a thousand delicately  graded tones, expresses the  slightest nuance of thought and feeling.”        
                                                                                       Eva Le Gallienne


Level One: 
Students will learn a dynamic, integrated approach to improve breath support, tone, range, articulation, flexibility, strength, and stamina. As an actor explores and frees their breath, it brings a new dimension and life to their acting.

  • Discover a more resonant and flexible voice
  • Begin to master the IPA and American Standard Speech
  • Develop a toolbox of exercises for relaxation breathing, resonance and volume
  • Gain natural vocal clarity
  • Increase range of pitch

Students will be introduced to the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) – focusing on mastery of American English Vowels sounds and American English Consonant sounds in the IPA, giving the students the ability to eliminate regionalisms, increase clarity and begin the mastery of American Standard Speech.

We will also focus on relaxation, breathing, resonance and volume. Not only is it important for an actor to be heard on stage but equally important for them to be able to yell and shout without vocal damage. In addition, the ability to whisper, cry and speak at a low volume and still be understood by the audience is paramount. The actor will acquire a toolbox of exercises that they can use in preparation for auditions, classes and performances.

Throughout the classes there will also work on texts, introducing vocal variety work. This will expand the pitch range of the student giving them the ability to express subtle nuance, and develop a more interesting, dynamic and exciting voice.


Classes will be once a week for 16 weeks each semester.

You can take this class independently of the Full Core Program by signing up for the 16-week sessions individually.